Hosted Telecom Success Story: Push Fit Studios

Hosted telecom solutions have helped to make significant improvements in the operations of a wide variety of businesses, and we are proud to share a client success story.

The telecom challenge

City-Com was contacted by Push Fit Studios, a personal training, fitness, and wellness business located in Waterdown, Ontario. A small business, Push Fit was looking for a scalable and inexpensive way to improve their client communications. Their existing operation was struggling to meet the needs of their clientele with two landlines, and they were looking for ways to reduce their monthly telecommunications expenses.

The telecom goals

We met with Christine, Studio Owner and Program Director, to understand her goals for the business in order to ensure that our proposed solution would have both short-term and long-term positive impact.

During our comprehensive consultation, we discussed Push Fit's:

  • Business style and approach
  • Current challenges
  • Telecommunications expenses
  • Processes
  • Client communication preferences
  • Goals and plans for growth

After our meeting, we toured the facility and took note of all existing networking, cabling, and existing communication services.

The hosted telecom solution

City-Com’s assessment determined that Push Fit would benefit from a hosted telecom solution in the cloud. Switching from their existing communications setup would mean they could:

  • Remove their onsite processor and equipment — saving them valuable space in their facility.
  • Lower their monthly expenses.
  • Reduce the amount of cabling they had running throughout their facility.
  • Eliminate the hassle of working with only two landline telephones.
  • Allow for enhanced management and monitoring of client interactions.

Push Fit already had high-speed internet at their facility, so the installation and transition process was simple and had an immediate impact. Now, Christine has more space and more money to put towards enhancing and growing her business.

If you’re interested in learning how a hosted telecom solution can help your business, contact City-Com and let’s discuss your goals.

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