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Our experts will pay attention to your needs whether you need security camera installation for your home or have a large-scale cabling job. We'll deliver the solutions that you need.

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Consistent, Reliable, and Efficient Data Cabling Solutions

There are many services for cabling management and installation offered by City-Com Communications. Our group consists of technicians and contractors who hold all necessary CSST and fiber optic cabling licences. For clients across Canada, our IT consulting firm provides computer network services, data cabling services, and fiber optic installation services. For more than ten years, we have brought network cabling services to business clients across Canada. Give our knowledgeable staff a chance to demonstrate how to make the most of your computer and network infrastructure resources. We take great pride in helping your business expand. Any business or organization's network system must be of the highest calibre because it affects the majority of daily operations. The Network system installers who carry it out determine its quality. Because of this, City-Com Communications makes sure to provide every client with the highest level of service and care on every job that is entrusted to us.

Cable Installation
Data cabling, fiber optic network wiring, patching panel installation, structured cabling, wireless connectivity, server room wiring, panduit approved wiring, and network installation services are all included in our structured cabling options. Our professionals are committed to quickly installing anything you require.
Wiring for Phone Systems
For new office setups or renovations, our certified technicians and experts offer phone wiring or voice and data cabling installation services. They also set up services for VoIP systems, support for intercom systems, business phone line and fiber optic installations, business phone line programming, or business paging services.
Fiber termination services for ST, SC, and LC connectors, single mode and multimode fibre OTDR testing, and fiber optic cabling services. Clients can purchase fiber optic cables and accessories, such as fan-out kits, patch cables, and patch panels.
High-Performance Networks

We here at City-Com Communications are aware of the stringent requirements of any high performance network. Our teams specialise in setting up wireless networks for a variety of business types, including law, warehouse and logistics, educational institutions, office WiFi for big corporations, and schools and colleges. Our qualified staff of highly skilled engineers has a plethora of experience installing sophisticated wireless networks and is well-versed in the field. We take great satisfaction in making sure your wifi installation is completed quickly and thoroughly to provide maximum connectivity with the least amount of inconvenience to your business.

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Our cable installation specialists are knowledgeable about network cable services ranging from business telephone networks to structured cabling system components, and will assist you in visualising the best high performance network cable system to meet all of your needs. We will be with you every step of the way to recommend the best products and assist you in implementing them effectively.

Partnered With Leading Manufacturers

One of the most crucial network components utilised in wired systems are network cables. Using network cables, a network of devices is connected from ports to network routers, PCs, and switches. Finding your ethernet cable manufacturer is a challenging undertaking because you must thoroughly research each cable brand. Also, it's important to compare each brand's quality and price. City-Com Communications has partnered with a number of trusted manufacturers to ensure that the networks we install are of the highest quality and free of manufacturing errors that might negatively affect the quality of the resulting network. We are dedicated to the level of quality control and coordinated maintenance that proper network cabling requires.

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We Ensure That Your Business Has Everything

At City-Com Communications, we are committed to providing our clients with completely realised services. We can take care of everything, from the installation itself to the upkeep and growth of current networks. We provide a full turnkey system with quality assurance. For expert assistance with computer network cabling, get in touch with us. Data, fibre optic, voice, electricity, access control, and security systems with access control installation all fall within our area of expertise. Our skilled team of structured cabling specialists consists of highly experienced professionals in the field. Anytime you need data, ethernet cable wiring, or fiber cabling, call us. All commercial communication cabling services are provided by a team of professionals and technicians who are certified and completely insured. Our capacity to create enduring relationships with our clients and the calibre of our work are two of our main strengths.


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