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As a full-service telecom provider, we focus on providing comprehensive, specially created commercial paging solutions to our clients. A well-made voice paging system can significantly improve your company's operations and client relations!

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City-Com Communications is a reputable distributor of professional telecom equipment, emergency notifications, and public address systems. As well as our installation and maintenance teams, our dedicated specialists can design, specify and build many robust and complex public address and background music systems for our customers.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Industries

No matter what industry your company works in, we've got paging systems to match your needs and budget. We're partnered with a number of high-end manufacturers to bring you the most cutting-edge paging solutions on the market today. Our options are fully customizable and featuring components from Bogen and SoundTube, we will ensure that your business is fitted with highly-efficient and durable paging systems for your environment. The paging systems we have to offer are highly efficient and durable, and some are even weather-resistant. Our high-performance paging systems can be tailored to suit both indoor and outdoor applications. They are also compatible with medical devices and sensitive electrical equipment.

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Professional Installation, Upgrading, and Maintenance

City-Com Communications is prepared to handle the entire installation process for wireless or wired solutions. Our professional installation technicians are trained and experienced with all of the types of paging systems we offer, and can install your new paging system professionally, quickly, and effectively.

Expand Your New Paging System as Needed

A strong paging system's capacity to be expanded as necessary is one of its most important benefits. Extra PA loudspeakers, LED message boards for texting, wireless signal lights for wide scope alerts, and other features can be added to an initial basic paging system.

Algo IP Paging

Public Address (PA), Bell Scheduling & Emergency Alerting

The Algo IP voice paging and notification system for public address (PA) is a network-based solution that integrates into any SIP-enabled VoIP telephone system. All Algo IP products are 3rd-party, SIP-compliant endpoints. A variety of speakers (wall / ceiling/horn), paging adapters, and visual alerters (strobe lights) are available to suit any PA requirement whether it is a single room or large enterprise / campus environment.

Deploying an IP-Based Paging System

Voice paging is an important element of communication to mass audiences in many locations, including in schools, warehouses, and hospitals. For organizations who have migrated to VoIP environments, deploying an IP paging system is critical to ensure voice paging is effectively integrated and enabled within their VoIP system. With IP-based paging, more features can be accessed, and more actions can be achieved compared to analog paging. While IP paging systems may seem complicated, deploying IP paging is as simple as deploying IP phones.

The Algo IP voice paging system for public address (PA) is a network-based solution that integrates into any SIP-enabled UC or Collaboration System. Algo's high-functionality IP endpoints for voice paging include a range of IP Speakers, IP Paging Adapters, and IP Display Speakers. Utilizing Algo IP endpoints, organizations can easily deploy effective IP paging integrated into their UC system.

When organizations are looking to deploy an IP paging system, they have two potential routes to consider: to deploy a full IP system comprised of strictly IP endpoints, or to IP-enable existing paging infrastructure (l.e. legacy amplifiers and speakers) with IP Paging Adapters. Full IP systems bring significant flexibility and unlock the complete set of features within IP devices, whereas paging adapters allow organizations to migrate to IP paging with lower upfront costs. Algo devices are all PoE-powered, network configurable, and multicast capable, making them easily deployed, managed, and scaled across different organizations.

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Why Go With Professional Pa Installation?

The only thing that the majority of enterprises know about PA systems is that they are necessary. You can install a system yourself, but a PA system requires a lot of thought throughout the design phase. Factors include system selection, integration of modern technologies, location for best coverage, and integration of specialised features for improved performance and accessibility. Poor speaker performance is the absolute last thing your organisation needs when it comes to audio or mass communication-related issues. All of us have attended gatherings where the speakers are muddled or difficult to hear. That is detrimental to your investment. Your systems' sound quality will be ensured by a qualified PA installer. DIY or amateur installations frequently leave a messy mass of wires. This not only makes your company appear less professional, but it may also bring about problems in the future.

The best in class turnkey overhead paging network system installation services are proudly offered by City-Com Communications. You can make office announcements at any time if you connect your telephone to an overhead loud speaker and paging system for schools, offices, or other facilities. Our knowledgeable specialists will visit your office to evaluate your paging system requirements so we can create and help you simply pick a useful and cost effective solution for your company. Our architects and professionals have extensive training and expertise applying a variety of paging systems ideal for hospitals, classrooms, and other settings.

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