Improved Poltys Direct Care Connect Systems

The wireless sensors call from Poltys, Direct Care Connect (DCC), was created for the full spectrum of eldercare and senior housing. It offers improved workflow management, better care, happier seniors, and lower costs. Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) reduces the amount of time it takes to respond to resident calls by giving priority to alarm warnings that require prompt carer assistance. Also, Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) enables carers to phone the resident back rather than going to his or her room.

A Nurse Call System That Makes Things Simpler

The wireless network of Panasonic communication devices used by a caregiver mobile device to manage alerts is called Poltys DCareTM Ex. For the whole spectrum of eldercare and senior living, Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) Ex is a wireless nurse call alert and personal emergency response system. For Poltys DCare Ex to function, the Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) Ex server is necessary. The technology makes it possible for nurses, carers, coordination desks, and residents to maintain constant wireless connectivity, helping healthcare organisations manage communication more effectively. Quick actions to alarm responses from DCC help ensure resident care, ensuring higher-quality healthcare services and resident satisfaction even at the busiest times. Fire panels can also be used with Poltys Direct Care Connect systems compatible with fire panels.

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An Entire Range of Responsive and Efficient Features

The carer connects using an Employee PIN specified in the Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) Ex settings and chooses the appropriate escalation set (location zone) for the day. The carer can hear voice announcements and receive text alarms. The mobile devices used by the carer play back and have text alerts simultaneously displayed. Tapping specific buttons on the mobile device, the carer can accept or call back a predefined phone number. The caregiver can close the Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) alarm once the resident's request has been attended to and the alarm has been silenced at the resident's location.

Effective Patient Care When Your Facilities Are Expanding
Be sure that the equipment you are getting installed is up to date if your hospital is remodelling or building new patient wings. Modern nurse call systems can boost productivity, improve patient safety, and streamline clinical processes. In turn, this leads to increased patient satisfaction, caregiver job satisfaction, and more efficient staff allocation for responding better and faster to calls.
Updating Your System Gives You Access to New Technology
A healthcare facility may not give updating nurse call systems a priority. The need for replacement systems is not urgent if the current one performs as it should. You will have to pay more in future maintenance if your nurse call system's technology is dated or will soon become antiquated. Upgrades prevent this and allow for improved action.
Effective Analytics to Help Ameliorate Your Process
Why use an antiquated technology that doesn't offer real-time data or useful insights? Nurse call systems of today assist clinical leaders in balancing enhanced workflow, monitoring caregivers’ performances, spotting trends in care, and dealing with service recovery. Also, data insights on activities in patient rooms can be downloaded and connected with the data platform at your hospital. Better data means better improvements and processes.
Reduce Fatigue From Continuous Alarm Noises
Your patients suffer from alarm fatigue. Although hospitals are rarely quiet, the incessant chirping of ventilators, feeding and medicine pumps, vital sign machines, and other devices may easily overwhelm nursing personnel. Between 85% and 99% of alarms don't actually call for clinical help. When exposed to too many alerts, many caregivers experience alarm fatigue, also known as sensory overload. Streamlined call systems help reduce this risk.

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Overall, keeping your call systems current ensures that both your employees and patients are satisfied. The patients are taken care of, and staff members are given freedom and improved communication thanks to sophisticated call systems. In order to design, deploy, and maintain call systems that help nurses and other healthcare practitioners communicate more effectively and efficiently while providing the best possible care to their patients, City-Com Communications works closely with specialists in the healthcare industry. For additional information on how the call system can help your healthcare facility become more successful and efficient at the one thing that can set you apart from the competition — outstanding patient care — contact us right away.

The claim that a call system can even save lives because it enables a prompt response to medical emergencies is not hyperbole. Also, it makes it easier for the nurses at your facility to interact with nursing stations more rapidly. Finally, it increases everyone's sense of security, even family members.



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