Leading Business Telephone Systems

Business telephone systems can range from just a few phones to a complex, multi-line system with capabilities including voicemail, call recording, voicemail-to-email, ring groups, and automated menus. These features are designed to address diverse communication needs and security in a business setting.

Whether you decide to go with a digital phone system, an onsite VoIP system, or a hosted cloud-based system, an experienced team will make sure the cut over and implementation is a smooth even transition.

We provide a wide range of telephone system solutions from leading brands, including NEC, E-MetroTel, 8×8 and Panasonic, to cover your every need.

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Are You Ready for a Phone System Upgrade?

In commercial settings, VoIP or cloud-based phone systems have essentially supplanted conventional landlines. With the aid of important software connections, contemporary advanced phone companies provide systems integration across phone, video, chat, text, and fax with the goal of maximizing every interaction that takes place for businesses. While some systems allow SIP trunking to interact with outdated on-premises telephone hardware, the majority of service providers only use the cloud and don't need any hardware to make inbound and outbound calls. Calls can still be made using an IP desk phone that has a traditional appearance, but most users prefer to use a headset and a software application or just their mobile device.

Digital Telephone Systems

Modern business phone systems can be customized with a variety of features and functionalities to meet your company's demands. Digital phone systems are aimed at customers who lack the current data network infrastructure to adopt VoIP. Digital hybrid solutions offer the best of both digital and VoIP technology so that you are not left out when it comes to new features. The digital PBX provides a wide range of services, including the option for auto-attendants, voicemail and voice to email, video conferencing, and much more, in addition to standard functions like extensions and transfers.

Ip Telephone Systems

VoIP systems operate on your network and can consist of IP phones, SIP phones, and SIP lines. A flexible option for businesses with a solid network in place, or where operations are located at multiple sites, VoIP phones look and operate in much the same way as any other business phone. City-Com Communications has helped hundreds of businesses switch their business telecom system over to VoIP. Making this change will help to enhance productivity and improve your bottom line. VoIP can be used for a variety of commercial communications and is flexible, secure, and efficient.

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As a telecom service provider, our communications system experts are experienced and knowledgeable about business telephone systems — they can help you envision a business phone system that fulfills all of your business needs. If you're curious about what we can do for you, feel free to call and set up a free consultation!


How Often Should Your Phone System Be Upgraded?

The average company replaces their phone system every seven years. So, choosing the right phone system can not only meet your needs now but further enables your small to mid-sized business to flourish in ways you have not even considered by providing long-term solutions. The main question is, is your phone system meeting you and your customers’ needs? Making sure your customers are getting through to the right person is essential for customer care. The system should also be flexible and feature rich so that your internal communications are streamlined and able to handle the day to day needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Digital telephone systems can be installed using existing infrastructure. Digital telephone systems offer stability and reliability, and are easily customizable. Our digital phone systems manufacturers include NEC, E-MetroTel and Panasonic. All are hybrid systems for digital and IP phones with SIP and VoIP features.
IP telecom systems are cost-effective, flexible, and offer a wide range of productivity enhancements. These systems are easily customizable and can include a variety of advanced applications, including email, CRM, multi-branch or off-site employee connectivity, internal programs, and mobile.
Our customer service team is available 24/7 by phone or email. Our agents are responsive and trained to answer any questions you may have about your business phone system. Whether you require urgent solutions or you're just looking to ask a few questions — our team is standing by to help.

City-Com Communications Is Ready to Provide What You Need

It's time for a phone system provider to change if your phone system is insufficient or faulty. Change your outdated equipment for a modern Voice Over IP (VoIP) or digital phone system that supports today's mobile, fast-paced businesses and comes with the newest capabilities. Compared to analog/TDM PBXs, VoIP has its benefits; calls over long distances are much less or bundled in with North American calling. The locations and phone extensions can be added, moved, or changed with ease. Your staff can stay in touch and be productive whether they are at home or on the go by using your communications system and data network wirelessly. Our experts will handle all of the installation, as well as make sure you and your staff are educated and ready to use your brand new business telephone system.

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