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Currently, a lot of workers use their desk phones nonstop for most of the day. Employee satisfaction and productivity can both be increased with bluetooth headsets for desk phones at a great price.

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State-Of-The-Art Wireless Headset

Our selection of expert contact centre headsets from brands like Plantronics works flawlessly with your staff and technology. Hence, whether they are working from a contact centre or from their couches, your agents can concentrate on assisting your clients. This translates to happier clients, happier staff members, and more effective contact centres. To deliver you the most efficient contemporary headset systems, City-Com Communications has worked with a variety of recognised manufacturers, including Plantronics, Jabra, and Chameleon.

Enhanced Freedom and Superior Audio Features

The range of motion for an employee holding a desk phone is constrained. The range of motion is constrained by the length of the phone cord, and one hand must always be holding the phone. The ability to use a computer, take notes, and manage documents while on a call is made possible by the use of a headset. With a headset, you can get up from your desk and roam about while on a call. Workers can look for a file or ask a query of a coworker. Hence, multitasking is made possible and efficiency is increased by using a headset. In comparison to handsets and other alternatives, contemporary headset solutions also offer better audio quality.

Engineered for Maximum Comfort

According to studies, the use of office headsets can increase productivity by up to 40%. They not only increase productivity but also have considerable physical advantages and raise spirits. They decrease neck and back pain, since poor posture can be caused by holding a desk phone between the ear and the shoulder. This leads many people to have back and neck pain over time. Even repetitive strain injuries may result from it. Employees can sit up straight or stand and keep their shoulders relaxed by using a computer office headset. While using an office headset with noise-canceling technology, loud background noise is filtered out by the microphone. Even if the employee is in a noisy setting, the caller will be able to hear clearly. Any irritating background noise is eliminated by utilising binaural headset accessories that cover both ears, allowing the user to fully focus on the call.

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If you're interested in integrating or upgrading bluetooth office headsets from Plantronics, Chameleon, or Jabra, then you should feel free to contact our agents today for a free consultation. Our experts are experienced and knowledgeable about a wide variety of systems, and can recommend office headset and poly blackwire products that fit the specific needs of your business.


Increase Efficiency With Superior Wireless Headsets

Modern office headsets come with a large number of increased functions that can aid in employee workflow and make it easier for them to do their jobs. The increased sound quality and battery life during calls also means that both your customers and your employees will have a smoother experience during conversations. This, in turn, leads to an overall more comfortable experience. Improved sound quality also means that any recordings you make of calls for analytical purpose will be of greater value due to higher sound parity. Around 70% of office workers report that their workflow is disturbed by excessive office noise.

This is a sizable demographic that could be happier and more effective in the workplace. Wearing headphones with active noise cancellation practically eliminates low-frequency noises like the hum of the air conditioner. To help reduce distractions, the headset's microphones constantly monitor and reduce background noise.

Excellent Sound Quality and Technology
We are partnered with some of the best names in headset manufacturing to bring our customers the best set of options they have for implementing headsets with advanced capabilities. These companies include Plantronics, Chameleon, and Jabra. Our team will make recommendations based on your needs with an affordable price.
Complete Integration and Compatibility
The headset system is designed to be integrated into any office setup. You can upgrade your current system to implement headset functionality and our team has the experience and knowledge to properly integrate our headset options seamlessly for your workplace.
Durability, Style, and Sensibility
Our sleek headsets are robust and easy-to-use, with some models including noise cancelling or one-touch answering. They are also optimized so that they can be used easily and effectively while away from the base.


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