Video Surveillance 101

There are more reasons than ever to have video surveillance for your business. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, how many team members you have, or where you’re located — video surveillance is a good investment.

At City-Com, we know that many business owners have questions about the benefits of installing video surveillance. Here are some important things to know when considering your options:

Reasons to install video surveillance

Every business has their own, unique aspects to consider that can range from daily functions and processes to long-term development. Regardless of industry, business owners want to know that equipment, building(s), and employees are safe.

The most common reasons to install video surveillance at your business include:

  1. Protecting your organization.
  • This can include the interior and exterior of your building(s) and can be focused on equipment, warehouses, processes, entrance points, etc.
  • Video cameras provide a visible sign that your business is being watched and protected which will act as a deterrent for criminal activity.
  1. Protecting your team members.
  • This can include interior work spaces, production lines, exterior work areas, and more.
  • Video cameras provide a visible source of monitoring to show employees and visitors that activity is being monitored for safety without having a security guard present.
  1. Protecting processes.
  • Video surveillance of work stations, production lines, etc. can help to monitor that equipment is being used safely and correctly.
  • This can also assist with monitoring the functionality of equipment in order to know when servicing or maintenance may be required.
  1. Protecting records.
  • For some industries, video surveillance allows for a digital record of events that can be archived for reference.
  • This can assist businesses who may need to verify customer or service provider exchanges, or other interactions to confirm and clarify situations.

Types of video surveillance

The market is flooded with video surveillance options and we understand that it can feel a bit overwhelming. Our recommendation is to look for a customized solution that will work for your business, and meet your goals and budget.

City-Com is a Panasonic Partner and certified installer. Here are a few reasons why Panasonic systems are a great choice.

Panasonic video surveillance cameras feature:

  • Clear coating to eliminate distortion due to weather conditions
  • Resolution options from 720p to 4K
  • High data compression based on h.265
  • Surveillance capability in low light environments
  • Footage storage options from 7 days to unlimited durations
  • Vandal-proof installation
  • Infrared functionality
  • Software integration to your telephone system
  • Available facial recognition capability
  • And more.

At City-Com, we will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your requirements in order to design a solution and complete an installation, including all cameras and cabling. Contact us to get a free video surveillance consultation.

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