The Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

The Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

As a small business, you need to be extra careful about how company funds are spent. Business communications are critical, but you don't want to spend money unnecessarily. That being said, many small businesses could benefit from a VoIP business phone system. This can be a cost-effective solution that helps small businesses as well as large; in addition, the benefits it offers can help you stay competitive against much larger competitors.

What is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System?

VoIP technology enables phone calls through the internet using its data network. The technology has improved over the years to create a flexible and useful internet telephony solution with excellent voice quality to compete with a traditional landline. It can enable both voice and video calls, as well as other data transfers.

A VoIP system works by converting voice signals into digital signals. So long as there is a high-speed internet connection available, including a router and modem, you are set up to use a VoIP system. 

Because the information is converted to digital packets, VoIP can be used for more than just calls. Faxing, call forwarding and routing, conference calling, call transfer, call logs, SMS, email, and other services can all be handled by VoIP services.

A VoIP telephone can be hardware or software based. A hardware-based VoIP phone is most similar to traditional phone systems, with dial pads and touch pads, caller ID, and speakers, and are either hardwired or cordless.

Software-based phones, or softphones, use software installed in a mobile device or desktop. Calls are managed via a headset connected to the device. Cloud-based VoIP is very flexible, letting you make calls from your phone number from any device, so you can make business calls, including long distance calls, from anywhere.

VoIP phones do need a reliable, stable internet connection to work.

Why Get a VoIP System?

Why Get a VoIP System?

VoIP phone systems integrate it into other systems easily, to let you keep using an existing phone system to make VoIP calls, while still being able to benefit from VoIP features.  A cloud-based system is particularly good for small businesses because of its simplicity and flexibility.

In addition to excellent call quality and basic call features, it offers several advanced features that attract many businesses.


Especially with a cloud-based option, investment costs are low. No equipment or maintenance is required, unlike traditional phone lines, since softphones work through a laptop or desktop. An existing traditional phone system can leverage a VoIP adapter to connect it to a VoIP phone system. The lack of equipment needed and low startup costs make it an excellent solution for a new or small business.

Calls are internet-based, so long distance and international calls fees don't cost extra, to help a small business control costs. Also, since you add or remove lines as necessary, and you pay only for what you need, this type of solution can be very helpful for a small but growing operation. Being able to grow or downsize easily makes it a very scalable solution.

Support Remote Work

A VoIP system allows employees to connect to your business phone system from anywhere with internet connectivity to enable remote work. Since faxes, messages, and calls can be received and sent, with access to all of the other VoIP phone features, employees can be fully productive. You can save on utilities and office space, and increase employee engagement, without impacting productivity.

Increased accessibility to work from anywhere, and complete portability to use a number wherever you go are huge advantages. Employees can work from anywhere, as a perk to encourage productivity, and to cut down on office space and utilities. Highly skilled or expert employees are able to provide coverage for larger areas, to help you compete with larger companies

It also means that in a small business, where key employees are especially critical for keeping things moving, they can still be in touch easily in case of an emergency - even when away from the office.

Helpful Features

VoIP has many advanced features that are accessible and easily used, that can benefit businesses of any size.

The ability to connect to your team and customers on several platforms, so you can reach anyone, or be reached, at any time, offers an unparalleled level of connectivity. With just one system, any platform can be used. In addition, while traditional phones can get congested, which can negatively affect customers, VoIP doesn't have the same issue.

With everything digitized, faxes and voice messages can be sent directly to email for better organization while simplifying and streamlining processes. Call routing helps ensure calls never get missed, as long as you have an internet connection.

The main advantage of these and other features is that VoIP technology offers them in intuitive, straightforward ways, for easy use.

Simplified Equipment and Maintenance

With a small business, you may not have a department or the resources to deal with equipment and issues in-house. A cloud-based VoIP solution eliminates that issue for small businesses. Since no special equipment or wiring is needed with a cloud-based VoIP phone solution, you also don't need to have a dedicated employee or contracted service to manage it.

Improve Customer Service

VoIP can even help you provide improved customer service, which is important for a small business competing against others. With call waiting and forwarding, and no congested lines, your customers won't have negative experiences when calling in.

Need Help Deciding on VoIP Systems?

City-Com Communications offers expert business telephone system design and implementation services, to help customers across Canada. We can help you find a new phone system that is right for you.

Need Help Deciding on VoIP Systems?
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