Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems allow patients to remotely alert hospital staff to their needs - both emergent and routine. City-Com Communications has a wide range of nurse call systems available.

Nurse call systems have revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered, providing patients with a simple yet effective way to communicate with healthcare professionals. Gone are the days of patients having to shout for attention or wait for long periods before receiving assistance. With nurse call systems, patients can simply push a button or use a voice command to alert their caregivers, who can then respond promptly and efficiently. These systems not only improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, but also increase staff productivity and workflow efficiency, ultimately leading to better overall healthcare experiences for everyone involved. Whether in a hospital, long-term care facility, or even in the comfort of one's own home, nurse call systems have become an essential tool for ensuring high-quality patient care.


Efficient, Safe and Robust Systems

Hospitals frequently have to use a limited solution when developing a nurse call system, which decreases efficiency. Our wireless nurse call systems at City-Com Communications are designed to have the safest range of their kind and to support multiple upgrade routes. This eventually improves operational efficiency in health system apps. In turn, responsive personnel and responsive equipment result in content and well-cared-for patients.


Alerts for Every Emergent Scenario

Avoid using nurse paging systems and personal pendant transmitters that only sound the alert when the user presses the button. Our nurse call devices can also alert your staff if a resident trips or wanders away from the monitored area. Your notification can be received on the computer console or mobile device of your choosing.

Status Solutions - Sara (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant)

A centralised tracking, alerting, and reporting system called SARA integrates current alarm and clinical communication systems. Many things can go wrong in a healthcare setting because there are so many individuals and things to take care of. The administration of care delivery from admission through discharge is improved by this situational awareness technology because it is simpler to evaluate, prioritise, and react to alerts more quickly.

Why Choose City-Com Communications for Your Nurse Call Systems?

In hospitals and clinics across Canada, City-Com Communications is proud of the high calibre of the Wireless Nurse Call Systems we've implemented. For both general or private institutions, our multi-functional hard-wired solutions are ideal for healthcare settings. All healthcare communication requirements are met by the extensive City-Com Communications range. Everything from flexible structures to real-time location module add-ons can be successfully accommodated. Passageway displays, call monitoring software, emergency and cardiac buttons, nurse-friendly apps, overhead lights, speech functionality, pager integrations, panic alarm integrations, and real-time location module add-on capabilities like asset tracking, diagnostics vision screening and smart beds are among the frequently requested features.

Poltys Direct Care Connect (Dcc) Ex

The wireless sensor call from Poltys, Direct Care Connect (DCC), was created for the full spectrum of eldercare and senior housing. It offers improved workflow management, better safety shift care, happier seniors, and lower costs. Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) reduces the amount of time it takes to respond to patient station calls by giving priority to alarm warnings that require prompt carer assistance. Also, Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) enables carers to phone the resident back rather than going to his or her room.

Streamlined and Simple Integration With Your Systems

The best nurse call system will integrate seamlessly with your current IT infrastructure and medical devices, including wireless phones, EMRs, cardiac monitoring, telemetry, and biomedical equipment, to improve staff-patient communication, speed up response times, and share crucial information in real time. National call systems can support safe practice procedures while opening up opportunities for development by achieving interoperability with multiple systems without the use of middleware. In order to fully optimize both categories and achieve the greatest return on investment, it is crucial to understand which nurse call system options work best with your existing products and systems.

Get a Quote for Your Telecom Solutions

Our communications systems specialists are knowledgeable about communication services ranging from business telephone networks to effective Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) systems, and will assist you in visualising the best business phone systems that meet all of your needs. We will be with you every step of the way to recommend the best products and assist you in implementing them effectively.


Effective Data Analysis for Improving Efficiency

Today's clinical managers benefit from the help of nurse call systems for balancing workflows, monitoring carer effectiveness, spotting medical trends, and dealing with service recovery. You can download data analysis on patient recovery actions and connect it to the data platform in your hospital's environment. Improved nurse call communications systems collect real-time analytics that provide information on rounding conformity, carer reaction times, and pain management. Collaboration between the professional team and staff members maximises surgical effectiveness.

In the end, improving your current nurse call system will satisfy both your staff and your patients. A more advanced nurse call system ensures that patient calls are adequately cared for while also allowing for staff flexibility and better communication. Upgrade right away to maintain nursing best practices and enhance the health of your patients and employees.


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