City-Com Becomes a Platinum Mitel Partner

City-Com is proud to become a Platinum Mitel Partner. We are now better poised than ever to empower our clients with seamless, cloud-based communications solutions, helping them boost productivity, reduce costs, and scale their business operations effortlessly.

Migrate Your Communications to the Cloud

Telecommunications and information technology are now integral to society and business operations. Today, even the most fundamental company operations and processes need to be completed properly in order to deliver competitive results. The way the corporate world functions has undergone a major transformation, and all contemporary businesses must make sure they have the proper infrastructure in place.

Simplify Your Business Communications Today with Next Generation Cloud Solutions

Mitel's next-generation cloud solutions streamline business communications significantly, through its unified and scalable platform. Seamless integration of voice, video, chat, and other collaboration tools, simplify and streamline business operations by centralizing communication, enhancing collaboration, reducing complexity, and improving decision-making, for increased efficiency and cost savings. Implementation is easy, and you can simplify IT aspects of communications  by eliminating complex on-premises infrastructure. With enhanced flexibility and remote access, teams and individuals can communicate effectively, wherever they are, at any time, so staying connected is simple and easy. With automatic updates, robust security, and business continuity and compliance features, you enjoy peace of mind and stress-free communications. The power of Mitel technology streamlines communications beautifully, so you can focus on business objectives, while enjoying a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced world and staying agile.

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On-Site Strategies

For businesses not quite ready to make the leap to the cloud, we've got the perfect, flexible solution to meet your current needs and budget while future-proofing your communications. Tailoring Mitel technology solutions meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Mitel's cutting-edge, on-site technologies leverage IP and other solutions to offer clear calls, powerful videoconferencing and collaborative tools.With our strategic approach, we ensure scalability, security and network redundancy, streamlining your operations and creating options for flexibility in the future. Mitel’s superior communications, collaboration, phone, video conferencing, and call centre solutions all integrate with each other and third party systems, for a seamless workflow.

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Flexible Options

Whether you are a growing or large, well-established business, and whether looking at a remote workforce or traditional or hybrid business model, we can tailor solutions to meet your needs. With systems to integrate personal mobile devices safely, stay on-site or migrate to the cloud, establish virtual numbers, and more, have all the agility you want.

Spend Your Way

With consolidated pricing and mix-and-match features, you can get all the features you want and need, without paying for extras that you don’t. Embrace the ability to choose cloud options that let you spend your money how you choose.

Next-Gen Aps

Cutting-edge communication and collaboration tools, features, add-ons, apps and customizations are designed to enhance productivity and connectivity. Advanced features for video conferencing, messaging, and seamless integration, ensure you stay competitive. You can even automate with IoT solution integration. Simply pick the apps and features your business needs.

Peace of Mind

Our solutions, whether centralized or distributed, offer safety and resilience within a flexible, secure architecture. Business continuity is ensured with built-in redundancies. Embrace adaptable, feature-rich technology to confidently meet evolving requirements and secure your future.

Path to Cloud

Transition to cloud based communications at a pace that aligns with your business strategy, and safeguard the value of your current investments to eliminate wastefulness. Choose a business communications platform that meets your current needs but is equipped to address future challenges and scale as you grow.

Leverage Investments

Maximize your resources, whether you have your own devices or rent. Prepare for the future and potential cloud migration by making smart, cost-effective investments in technology that leverages your current assets to keep them valuable and functional, simplifies telecom management, and ensures you stay agile.

Ideal for Growing Businesses

As your business evolves, communication needs change and can become complex. Mitel provides reliable, scalable solutions to grow with your business, whether you are a small, new business, or a large, established one extending to new markets. Streamline operations with scalable systems that connect seamlessly through secure, agile, and compatible communication channels. Stay fully connected, adapt, and thrive, with flexible, feature-rich technology that accommodates evolving needs. Simple yet robust solutions empower your business at any stage.

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Advantages of Cloud Communications

In today's fast-paced business landscape, cloud communications, like Mitel's solutions, are a game-changer. These systems leverage the internet and cloud technology to offer VoIP, unified communications, video conferencing, and other collaboration tools. They provide cost-effective, scalable, and flexible alternatives to traditional phone systems. Regardless of your company's size, they eliminate the need for substantial hardware investments. With seamless accessibility and mobility, they encourage better productivity and enhance customer service. They also boast robust network security, and environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. We tailor solutions to you, so you can communicate efficiently and cost effectively, while adapting to the ever-changing business world.

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As a Platinum Mitel Partner, we offer tailored telecommunications solutions that are robust and future-minded, yet simple, intuitive, and cost effective. Migrate to the cloud for cost-effective, scalable, and secure solutions, or opt for on-site strategies for flexible use of your existing assets. Let us streamline and future-proof your communications.


We help businesses connect their branch locations, employees and customers reliably, seamlessly and cost-effectively, with customized solutions to meet their existing and future needs. Discover how we can help yours!


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