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Companies today need to cut costs and work efficiently. The UCx line of communications devices from E-MetroTel is a cost-effective solution for your company.

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Simple Upgrades, Effective Solutions

Many businesses find it quite expensive to upgrade from an outdated Nortel heritage IP system to a completely new phone system, but with E-MetroTel, you can keep your existing system while also lowering your total costs. When you install E-MetroTel products, you can retain your phones and save time by avoiding the need to learn how to use a completely new system. Forget about switching hardware and phones. In addition to being simple to use and adaptable, this also means extra savings.

Access to Private and Safe Solutions

With E-Metrotel from City-Com Communications, you do not pool your phone systems with those of other businesses. Numerous other phone functions, such as multi-party conferencing, voice mail, transfer, find me/follow me, and many more, are also included in your instance. You can use the same expert telephone systems that we offer with our appliance-based solutions, which are used by thousands of customers worldwide, for one set fee.

Cutting Edge Hardware and Software

Through cutting edge telephone hardware and software, E-MetroTel offers unified corporate communications systems to a clientele that is located all over the world. Digital, IP, analogue, and Unified Communications (UC) capabilities are tightly integrated with E-Metrotel devices to provide streamlined migration to complete solutions. Many former Nortel and Avaya employees who have extensive technical expertise of our enterprise product and service offerings now work for E-MetroTel, which was founded in 2009. Our Canadian-based design and support teams have a delivery network that enables our clients' implementations to go smoothly. You invest in top-notch digital or analog technologies simultaneously supported by unmatched customer service when you choose E-Metrotel communications systems from City-Com Communications.

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Ucx and Skype for Medium Business Requirements

The combination of UCx and Microsoft Lync enables the delivery of an improved user experience, wherever they may be, on SIP compliant devices, including Nortel analogue, Nortel digital, IP phones on desktops, SIP trunks, traditional digital phones, and tablets. You have the option to select the incoming call delivery method that is most convenient for you, with calls being delivered concurrently to your desktop phone, digital phones, PC soft client, and mobile device. You have access to all of the robust SIP based VoIP deployment features and redundant capabilities whether you're at work, on the go, or at home. Unified Messaging, find me/follow me mobility, call recording, desktop fax, conferencing, call transfer, paging, and other integrated apps are available.

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Safe and Effective Cloud Digital Phones

Businesses are moving many of their services onto the cloud for increased adaptability and ease-of-use. City-Com Communications can help you take advantage of these changes without all of the hassle that usually comes with upgrading your service. Cloud telephone solutions from E-Metrotel through City-Com Communications are effective and secure. All services are hosted in an individualized private instance, so your service is safe from interacting with other client's communication networks. Customers can also host the service themselves if they prefer, which gives you full control over the integration and security of your cloud communication solutions.

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Say Goodbye to Missing Calls

Better relationships between employees and customers lead to higher output and profitability. A single number dialled using UCx SimRing will ring the user's home phone, mobile phone, and any other new SIP compliant devices. Users will receive a notification on their office phone, mobile communications device, or soft phone when a note is left in the UCx SIP trunks integrated Voice Mail system. Additional efficiency and time-saving enhancements come from UCx Visual Voice Mail and UCx Unified Messaging through SIP trunks.

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Do you have any inquiries concerning our Canadian telecoms solutions? You want to know what else we can do for your company. Online, over the phone, or in person, we will be pleased to address all of your inquiries. Kindly let us know your contact information. Get an estimate right away online, or get in touch with us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your needs and propose the best options.


Freedom and Flexibility With Sip Trunks

E-Metrotel UCx is all about giving you a wide range of choices. Choose from a variety of manufacturers' phones, equipment, and software. Business phones with high definition voice clarity are available from Yealink, Polycom, Nortel, Cisco, Grandstream, Snom, Aastra, and other manufacturers. The software, hardware, and application system known as UCx is completely open. UCx can be implemented with any of these devices, or a combination of them in order to suit the unique needs of your office environment or other business setting. With more choices, clients are free to formulate a plan and system that works for them, rather than shoehorning limited choices into their existing infrastructure.


Effective Telecom Solutions From City-Com Communications

Our consultative approach, which is committed to creative solutions, makes sure that every aspect — from supplies to location to implementation — is covered. Our devoted team of qualified technicians and industry professionals has a history of working with reputable dealers all over Canada. For a variety of sectors, including government, education, finance, health care, hospitality, and both big and small businesses, we offer ongoing service and system maintenance. By constantly developing and expanding product lines, staying abreast of market changes, trends, and training, and focusing on providing exceptional service, the team at City-Com Communications supports changes and development within organisations.

If you think that an E-Metrotel system would be right for you, or even if you are just curious as to what City-Com Communications has to offer, then do not hesitate to contact our agents for more information. We are dedicated to making sure our clients are as informed as possible before we supply them with exciting and innovative solutions for their business communication needs.

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Our representatives are available to help you schedule a consultation or deliver solutions purchasing options. We also have customer service agents available 24/7 by phone or email.


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