Maximizing Network Efficiency With SD-WAN Solutions

Maximizing Network Efficiency With SD-WAN Solutions

Fast and flexible networking solutions are essential for modern businesses. Software-defined wide area networks can provide this performance, in a cost-effective way, for significant advantages over a traditional wan network architecture or other networking solution. SD-WAN addresses many issues for a business, including managing multiple locations, security, reliability, resiliency, and more.

What Is SD-WAN?

What Is SD-WAN?

A software-defined wide area network, or SD-WAN, is a type of wide area network architecture that leverages software to boost flexibility, connectivity, and offer other benefits. There are different SD-WAN solutions, each offering SD-WAN benefits.

Access Multiple Networks

SD-WAN is becoming more commonly-used, as it provides a reliable direct connection to the cloud. It's a virtual WAN architecture, leveraging software to let you use different connection types, including broadband, MPLS, broadband, LTE and DIA. You can even use it to access public internet options for cost savings.

Centralized, Automatic Routing for Network Connectivity

The software optimizes route traffic across networks, by managing and monitoring traffic, so it can route traffic in real-time in the most efficient way.

The controller is usually located in the cloud. It communicates with the edge devices via the distributed control plane over a secure connection and configures traffic prioritization rules to fix network traffic congestion.

SD-WAN architecture optimizes the network as a single cloud-based application, so all activities are centralized to reduce reliance on IT resources and operating costs, while solving issues of connectivity. Even isolated remote network offices can have excellent connectivity.

Comparison to Traditional WAN Solutions

A traditional WAN solution uses edge routers that let an organization connect to either a public or private connection, with static, set routing decisions programmed directly into each router.

Benefits of SD-WAN For Network Performance

Benefits of SD-WAN For Network Performance

Revolutionizing Network Connectivity

SD-WAN offers the convenience and simplicity of automation and efficiency, improving network performance and reliability. It will automatically optimize network connections, using the best available routes, while maintaining security and performance. Leveraging automated and programmable technology, SD-WAN can ensure good connectivity.

Network congestion and instability issues are instantly resolved. Many SD-WAN vendors incorporate technology into edge devices to ping high-priority destinations. If there's a connection problem, it can balance packets of data over multiple links.


SD-WAN technologies are cheaper, since they can leverage cheaper networks, and are more flexible compared to previous WAN architectures. SD-WAN is highly versatile, allowing you to connect safely to public internet, mobile and satellite networks, and fiber connections, so you can save on your overall network operating costs by eliminating expensive lines.

Some vendors optimize SD-WAN performance in ways that lowers bandwidth consumption through compression, too.

Scalable and Flexible

You can easily adapt or add on to your network as you need to, without expensive hardware upgrades. Since some of your applications may use more bandwidth than others, you can use SD-WAN architecture to split traffic up to manage these loads better, or make other adjustments as necessary. 

Consistent Experience

SD-WAN network solutions allow all users, however remote, to have the same resources and experience. Everyone can connect to your cloud-based apps, access data, and be protected by your security systems.

Any interruptions to network services become unnoticeable, while performance is continuously enhanced by shifting traffic away from poorer pathways, so you always have reliable, consistent connectivity.

Continuous Improvement

SD-WAN network services automatically learn and adapt to changes in networks, for continuous improvement.


SD-WAN services offer high security with encrypted traffic and end-to-end segmentation to lower security breach risks. It can also avoid potential attacks by limiting vulnerable entry points.

Convenience of Centralizations

SD-WAN enables multi-site connectivity, while reducing your needs for large IT groups in multiple locations. You can manage everything from one location.

Traffic also doesn't have to be routed through a centralized location, causing congestion.

When you implement SD-WAN architecture, security and compliance measures are also centralized, ensuring they are effective and consistent.

Hybrid WAN Architecture

If you already have a traditional WAN solution you can easily integrate SD-WAN into it for a hybrid solution. You also won't need to upgrade your bandwidth if you add on any cloud applications.

Gain the Maximum SD-WAN Performance Benefit

Individual vendors and SD-WAN service providers offer different functionality and benefits, for varying levels of SD-WAN performance, depending on their specific product.

SD-WAN architecture maximizes connectivity and offers powerful benefits to efficiency, performance, and security, but works better when set up and managed effectively. City-Com Communications offers communications and connectivity services, helping you make the most of this revolutionary technology.

Gain the Maximum SD-WAN Performance Benefit
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