Why 8×8 Is The Best Phone System For Your Business

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, customizable, and cost-appropriate phone system for your business, then look no further than 8×8.

Rated the best phone system for small businesses, 8×8 will ensure that every internal and external communication your business performs is consistently clear — from anywhere in the world.

In this blog, we’ll review what makes 8×8 the best phone system for your business and why it’s better than the competition.

What is 8×8?

A cloud-based communication system, 8×8 facilitates voice, chat, video, and meetings between employees, clients, and prospects on any electronic device from anywhere in the world.

It eliminates the need for businesses to purchase new hardware for their office or employees. Now, everyone can use the device they’re most comfortable with thanks to the 8×8 app being compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Providing the ability to streamline all communication in one place, 8×8 also ensures that you’ll never have to go looking for digital files in unknown locations!

The Benefits of 8×8

Saving money

With 8×8, you no longer need to buy work-specific electronic devices for your employees to use. There is also no downtime with the learning curve that comes with new devices.

You can also forget about the costly hardwiring of technology throughout your building, thanks to all information being stored wirelessly in the Cloud.

The only costs incurred are the monthly subscription fees which vary depending on the size of your business.

Streamlined communication

8×8 can accommodate nearly any type of digital communication:

  • Calling (unlimited)
  • Text & SMS messaging
  • Conference calling
  • HD Video conferencing

This all-in-one service ensures that you can communicate with customers, suppliers, and co-workers efficiently and all on one platform.

Designed for the modern work environment

As companies adopt more liberal work from home policies and flexibility in their operating hours, the need to allow employees to communicate from anywhere at any time becomes more and more of a necessity.

Offering a 99.999% uptime, 8×8 takes the worry out of communication issues and allows users to easily connect from anywhere in the world.


8×8 is a phone system that can adapt to your business’s needs as your business scales and grows.

Top10.com writes, “If more lines are needed, more users are added and your costs are adjusted accordingly. The cloud-based system is highly flexible. Even large-scale businesses can add or remove extensions quickly and painlessly at any time.”

Is 8×8 right for your business?

While 8×8 was voted the best phone system for small businesses, it’s ability to scale with the unique needs of medium and large enterprises alike makes it the right choice for most companies.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of 8×8 or how compatible it would be with your business’s communication needs, contact City-Com today!

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