Your Telecommunications System: How To Get The Most Out Of It

In order for your business to stay relevant and vital in today’s market you need to have an effective telecommunications system in place. Every business, whether small or large, local or international, needs to be able to keep their team connected and be responsive to clients. At City-Com, we can help you get the most out of your telecom solution.

We regularly get calls from businesses that are looking to enhance their productivity and response time and, at the same time, reduce their telecommunication costs. This goal is achievable with the advancements in technology.

What telecommunications system do I need to enhance my business?

This can be a tough question to answer, and technology keeps changing, so we’ll send our experts out to meet with you and conduct a free assessment of your existing systems. Then we’ll spend some time discussing your problems, your processes, and your goals. This combination of information will help us to determine the best solution(s) for your particular business.

All of City-Com’s proposed solutions will layout all of the telecommunication elements and incorporate an ROI, so you can get a clear picture of what implementation will mean for your business.

What kind of benefits will I see from changing or upgrading my telecom system?

Many businesses in Canada are functioning on legacy systems that run on phone lines. Typically, these systems are expensive and not easily upgraded. These systems tend to be limited in their ability to be enhanced, and peripherals and additions to the system are costly.

At City-Com, we have helped businesses see tremendous savings, every month, by changing their legacy systems over to voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Switching to VoIP generally allows you to reduce the number of phone lines you are paying for — which then offsets much of the costs associated with upgrading your system.

Changing to VoIP also provides you with the ability to enhance your telecommunications with call routing, call programming, administrative functionality, paging, wireless headsets and handsets, and a variety of telephone peripherals to keep your team productive and responsive.

How do I service my business telecommunications systems?

There have been many changes in the telecom industry over the years and we have seen servicing partners come and go. We understand that losing a service partner can be stressful and when systems go down you need support right away.

Whether your telecommunications system is a legacy system or a newer system, City-Com is pleased to offer 24/7/365 support. We recommend contacting us so we can learn more about the age and model of your equipment in order to provide the support you need.

City-Com wants to help you get the most out of your telecom solution. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.

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