Small Business Telecom Solutions

If you’re operating a small business, you want the best, affordable telecom solution to help you reach your sales, service, and team goals. At City-Com, we understand the importance of making sure that your small business is set up for success. Here’s what we recommend for small business telecom solutions:

Get a customized telecom solution

You don’t have to operate a multinational organization to get a customized telecom solution. There are options on the market that will help you meet your goals and that will be scalable as you grow.

At City-Com, we will provide your business with a complimentary consultation in order to accurately examine your challenges, goals, facility, and plans for growth. Following the consultation, we will recommend appropriate options (with ROI breakdowns) so you can clearly understand your options.

Hybrid telecom solution

More often than not, we recommend a hybrid telecom system for small businesses. Combining Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with digital and analog capabilities is a great solution that will allow you to get the best of digital, analog, and VOIP capabilities.

You can choose to have digital phones and IP lines, or IP phones and digital lines, or a mix of both! This flexibility means that you can benefit from using existing cabling network (data or voice cables) which greatly reduces your implementation costs.

This solution offers a high degree of reliability and stability as it is not dependent on just the internet or just phone lines.

A hybrid telecom solution is also scalable for the future. This means that you will be set up for growth (ideally up to 200 users) without limitations.

If you are looking for ways to save money on your telecommunications, increase productivity, accelerate your growth, and enhance customer service, then we highly recommend a hybrid telecom solution.

If you have questions about finding the best telecom solution for your small business, contact the experts at City-Com to arrange a free onsite consultation. We’ll help you get the best options for your success.

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