How To Boost Your Call Centre

Boosting your call centre isn’t about providing your team with more coffee and donuts, it’s about providing them with unified telecommunication systems to make their jobs easier and improve your business results.

Businesses that operate call centres understand the need for real time accountability and results. Whether you’re operating a small call centre of five to 10 people, or a national centre with hundreds of agents, you know the value of quality telecommunications.

At City-Com, we have installed hundreds of call centre systems and we understand how important unified telecom solutions are for your team and your business. Here are few key ways that switching to a unified telecom system will boost your call centre:

1.  Real time information.

Call centre systems offer real time information and real time display. This means that agents receive visual prompts and queue monitoring information. It also allows Management to have access to real time data detailing call time, hold time, etc. — this is helpful for training purposes and can assist with determining which team members require additional assistance with customer service or sales.

Real time information can include:

  • Dropped calls
  • Call duration
  • Agent talk time
  • Hold times
  • Call traffic
  • Agent activity
  • Threshold alerts
  • And more

2. Help button support.

Take the pressure off your team by enabling the help support button. This feature allows agents to reach out to supervisors, or other senior support team members, when they are struggling with a difficult client or situation. Supervisors also have the ability to conference into a call if needed.

3. Call accounting.

Adding call accounting to your system will provide you with access to information regarding both inbound and outbound calls, caller ID, agent, time of day, etc. This valuable information can be stored in a database for reference to assist with improvement processes.

4. Call recording and archiving.

The ability to record, monitor, and archive calls is integral in many businesses. Recorded conversations are great for team training and also act as important references for client issues.

Installing unified telecom systems can have a huge positive impact on your business, your team, and your bottom line. Contact City-Com to learn how you can boost your call centre.

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